Special Dog Design

A few years ago we had Boedha, a beautiful boerboel girl with a reasonable neck size.  I could not find a collar for her in the well-known pet stores that was to my liking.  Either they were too small or they weren't the right color.

 I then started searching on the internet and soon I came across collars made of paracord.  That seemed like something to me, but I wanted to make it myself.

 Boedha meanwhile had enough collars and leashes and more and more I was asked if I also worked on commission.  This was the start for my company.  First as Boedha's paracord and now as Special Dog Design.

 What makes the work of Special Dog Design so special?  Designs, colours, closures are all up to you.  That means a unique collar or leash for your dog.  Everything is tight, knotted by hand and finished with care.  In addition, I only use high-quality material.

 Would you also like a unique collar, leash or em-x anti-tick collar for your dog?  Please contact Special Dog Design and ask about the possibilities.

Greetings Inge